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Buy Facebook Poker Chips | Buy Gambino Poker ChipsIt’s been said that bluffing in texas holdem poker is the line that separates average players from great players. Anyone can get dealt a pair of Aces and click the all in button (like 90% of facebook poker players) but it takes a true professional to work with real garbage hands and turn them into facebook poker chip gold.

But how do you bluff someone when you can’t see their face, their nervous gestures like tapping their hands or twitching their eye, or the sweat beading up on their brow? Don’t forget that this works both ways and they can’t see your poker tells either. If you wanna bluff your opponents and win their facebook poker chips here are some pointers to follow:

1) Don’t show your fear: If you’re a timid player who is afraid to risk their facebook poker chips, don’t bother trying to bluff others. You have to be comitted to picking good hands to bluff with and following through on them, or other players will sense your fear and make your bluff ineffective.

2) A small bet is just as good as no bet: The point of bluffing in facebook poker is to get your opponents out of the pot with a bet large enough to scare them. Small raises don’t show confidence or aggression and will only waste your facebook poker chips.

Buy Facebook Poker Chips | Buy Gambino Poker Chips3) Try to bluff after the flop: Bluffing preflop is a tricky situation, as you never know when you are up against Aces or Kings. But after the flop, even pocket Aces can be cracked by 3 of a kind or a flush/straight draw. Your opponents know this and if you can make them believe you have the flush or straight you will succeed at pushing them out of the pot.

4) Forget your pride: Even the most well played bluff can backfire and go wrong sometimes. If someone is continually calling or reraising you and you feel you really have no shot at improving your hand, don’t be afraid to swallow your pride and back down. Proving you’re a real man (or woman) isn’t worth losing all your facebook poker chips.

5) Let your opponents catch you bluffing occasionally: Once you get caught bluffing a few times you can change up your strategy and play tight, so the next time you make a big bet others will be more inclined to think you’re full of shite and call you.

Buy Facebook Poker Chips | Buy Gambino Poker Chips6) Pay attention to your opponents’ facebook poker chips: It’s important to consider your opponent’s chip stack when betting against him. Bluffing against someone with only a few facebook poker chips may not be effective as it is likely to just push them all in as they will seize on any last ditch chance to double up their chips and get back in the game.

Bluffing against someone with a large amount of facebook poker chips may not work either as they can comfortably call any raise you make and not worry about running low. Your best chances are to bluff against someone who has a similar amount of poker chips because, like you, they will worry about being knocked out of the game and thus less likely to make risky calls that put their facebook poker chips at risk.

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