Common Mistakes Made in Facebook Texas Holdem Poker

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Make sure you’re not wasting your Facebook poker chips in Facebook Texas Holdem by making these amateur mistakes.

Buy Facebook Poker Chips | Buy Gambino Poker ChipsToo Much Bluffing – Sometimes winning facebook poker chips with a bluff is more exciting than winning with a good hand, leading many facebook texas holdem poker players to overbluff in the game.

Focus On Your Own Cards – Pay attention to your possible outs and the strength of your hand relative to the cards on the table.

Betting With a Mediocre Hand on the River – It’s usually not a smart move to bet with facebook poker chips on the river.

Too Much Slow Playing – Hiding your strong hand and deceiving opponents while forcing them to feed facebook poker chips into the pot is always fun, but too much of this can bite you in the ass if you don’t consider the type of hands your opponents might be drawing on.

Checking the Bettor – Don’t let opponents see “free cards” if you have a strong hand. Bet aggressively when you believe you have the strongest hand.

Not Wanting to Get Bluffed – Some players will continue playing and calling bets of facebook poker chips even when they have a bad hand, simply because of ego or not wanting to get bluffed out of a pot.

Buy Facebook Poker Chips | Buy Gambino Poker ChipsMood Related Mistakes – It’s normal to get angry after a big loss or missed opportunity, but if you let your emotions make the call on the next hand you’ll only dig yourself a deeper hole in facebook poker.

Under Betting the Pot – When you feel someone is on a draw and waiting for their cards to fall, make strong bets to force your opponents to make a bad decision.

Wrong Bluffing Amounts – Will a million facebook texas holdem poker chips force out your opponents? How about twenty million? You have to accurately gauge what a “big bet” is when trying to decide if it will force them to lay down their hand, otherwise you are just throwing away your chips for the benefit of whoever has the strongest hand.

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