Don’t Fall in Love with Pocket Aces

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Buy Facebook Poker Chips | Buy Gambino Poker ChipsPocket Aces, otherwise known as Snake Eyes, American Airlines, Rockets, or Bullets, is the strongest starting a player can get in Facebook texas holdem poker. Against any single opponent, your chances of taking the pot are about  85% if you go all in before the flop. So why then do so many people cry about how they’ve lost huge pots of Facebook Poker Chips with Pocket Aces all the time ?

Well obviously one of the reasons is just luck of the draw, even with an 85% chance of winning, that means that 15% of people will still lose all their Facebook poker chips by going all in. Spread that percentage over a few million players and you’re left with quite a few people who have a bone to pick with the “bullets”.

But the main reason most people lose with Aces is much simpler than odds, its just poor play. Aces can turn the best of players into complete amateurs because people tend to fall in love with this hand. The chance of getting Aces in facebook poker are about 1 in 220, so when it does finally hit, its incredibly hard to lay it down. Even after players realize an opponent might have a better hand after the flop, they just can’t help but throw more and more  Facebook poker chips at the problem, hoping that it will somehow turn around for them.

Players generally misplay Aces in 2 ways:

Slow play: There’s a big element of excitement when a player gets Aces. Your first instinct is to go all in and see how many players you can get to call, but then another side of you thinks that might scare everyone out and announce that you have the bullets. So you try to drag other players into the game with less than spectacular raises of Facebook poker chips, Zynga poker chips, or Myspace poker chips.

Buy Facebook Poker Chips | Buy Gambino Poker ChipsMaybe you don’t even raise, you just call another player’s raise or check it. Knowing the odds a little better might explain why these undersized raises usually end in tears. While Aces may take the pot 85% of the time against one opponent, that number drops down to 73% when there are 2 other players and 64% when there are 3 others. And if 5 other people are in the pot, the odds fall even further down below 50%.

Being starstruck: This is a common mistake among intermediate and beginner players whose skills at reading their opponents hands are not yet refined. While preflop your Aces are usually solid, a flop of 7h 8h Jh opens up the table to all kinds of flushes and straights and your hand strength plummets. But players are often so thrilled to get pocket aces and so convinced that it’s finally their shot and winning a huge pot of Facebook poker chips that they turn a blind eye to any possibility that their hand might have already been bested by an opponent’s. They continue to ram more and more Facebook poker chips into the pot in the hope that either everyone else will fold, or they’ll land another ace and get trips. This situation rarely ends well.

There is no shame in winning a medium sized pot when your opponents fold to your big pre-flop raise. It’s just part of the game, and it will keep you from being outdrawn and overplaying. There is a lesson to be learned here.Don’t fall in love with Aces. Just like a woman, if you hang on to them longer than you should - they’ll take all your money and leave you broke.

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