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Buy Facebook Poker Chips | Buy Gambino Poker ChipsAnyone who watches an episode of the world series of poker thinks they’re a seasoned pro. But if you find yourself playing like a donkey, here’s some tips to improve your game and help you win more Facebook Poker Chips.

Minimize losses while maximizing gains.

In other words, make strong bets on hands that have the highest odds of winning, while letting go of and folding the weaker hands that people tend to chase unsuccessfully. What does this mean for you? Don’t call huge raises when you only have a pair, hoping to land the three of a kind. You’re just wasting your facebook poker chips. On the other hand, if you flow the flush or trips, bet strongly with guns blazing. This is how facebook chips are won.

Learn patience and self discipline.

Buy Facebook Poker Chips | Buy Gambino Poker ChipsThis ties in with the previous point about playing good hands strongly. But in order to get those strong hands you must show disciplines and patience and fold a lot of weaker hands that only serve to whittle away at your Facebook poker chips stack when you chase them.

While this sounds like an easy concept, it is in fact, one of the hardest principles to learn in Facebook texas holdem poker. Players chase garbage hands all the time simply because they want to be involved in the hand “just in case” their cards fall. The few times that they kick themselves for folding because their flush showed up only strengthens the “I shoulda played it out” mentality, because they forget about the 1000 times they actually did play it out and lost.

Manage your Facebook poker chips.

Doyle Brunson once said “texas holdem is like a job, the more hours you work, the more money you’ll make” Facebook poker chips management means, to put it simply, knowing when to get out of the game and when to stay in. If the table is hot and the other players are loose and wild, stay. If you notice theres some really skilled players sitting with you, get up and look for another table.

Observe other Facebook poker players

Buy Facebook Poker Chips | Buy Gambino Poker ChipsIf you don’t waste too much time getting involved in weak hands that never materialize, you can spend more time observing the other players at the table. This is infinitely more valuable than chasing hands and will make you a better poker player in the long run. Pay close attention to what they’re doing right and the mistakes they make. Winning facebook poker chips is all about correcting your own mistakes.

Don’t be too predictable

Try to vary your play. Even if you aren’t paying attention to the other players at the table, you can be sure that the more skilled amongst them are watching you carefully. So while you’re watching the latest episode of House on hulu.com, they’re watching how you react to big raises, all in bets, reraises, etc and making mental notes. If you play too predictable, they will be able to predict within reason the type of hand you have. This is why it’s important sometimes to just “go nuts” without sacrificing too many Facebook poker chips.

If you have an opportunity to do something illogical and unreasonable without risking too many Facebook poker chips, and if it offers a reasonable chance that you might win a big pot if it turns out the way you hope, go for it. It’l keep your opponents from labeling you as any specific type of player and the next time you make a big raise or go all in, they won’t know if its just another crazy move or if you really have the best hand.

Buy Facebook Poker Chips. Check our prices here!

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