How to Get Your Facebook Poker Account Unbanned

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Players in Facebook Texas Holdem Poker have been known to get their accounts banned for a number of reasons. Swearing at the tables, being abusive to other players in the games, dodging blinds at the tables, using multiple accounts, or even posting photos of your girlfriend dressed as a half naked teddy bear.

Buy Facebook Poker Chips | Buy Gambino Poker ChipsWhatever the reason may be for having your facebook poker chips frozen or your account suspended, it usually ends up coming as a surprise to most players who are horrified to find out they’ve been banned the next time they log into their accounts to play a few hands of Facebook Texas Holdem Poker.

Are these suspensions the results of totalitarian game administrators hell bent on banning everyone’s account so players will Buy Facebook Poker Chips (like some people claim on internet forums) or is it just the efforts of game developers trying to keep their virtual environments a safe and friendly place for gamers to have fun and socialize?

Although I’m sure there have been many cases where game administrators overstepped their duties and unfairly banned the accounts of some Facebook Poker players, for the most part, people get their accounts banned because they broke the rules meant to bring order to social gaming worlds. Without a little order, let’s face it, these games would quickly turn into competitions to see who can insult an opponent the most rather than who can win the most facebook poker chips.

Here is what you can do to get your Facebook poker chips back and your account unfrozen:

• Contact the game developers directly and fill out a support ticket. There are millions of players in Facebook Poker games so a little patience is needed until you receive a response. Most developers get back to you in 1-3 days, though sometimes it can take a week or more to get your issue resolved if they have to pull up your account to confirm or disprove any supposed abuses.

Buy Facebook Poker Chips | Buy Gambino Poker Chips• Don’t be a jackass when writing to them. Insulting them won’t get you priority service. And don’t write an essay about your life either, they don’t need to know how you’ve been divorced 6 times, lost all your limbs in Vietnam, or how your mother forced you to shave her legs with a dull razor and traumatized you when you were a child. Keep your communication short, sweet, and to the point and be sure to include a link to your profile so they know who you are.

Will you always get your account and facebook poker chips back? Of course not. Some players are just psychos incapable of socializing in the real world let alone a virtual one where they have the advantage of being nearly anonymous. It’s only reasonable that game admins would not want to let some socially malformed players back into the game. If you fit this description, you’d probably be better off microwaving puppies or throwing bricks off freeway overpasses anyway, rather than playing online poker.

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