Girls might not be Girls on Facebook Poker

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Have you ever seen how guys react to a girl with a hot profile picture in Facebook Texas Holdem poker? The moment they enter the room every guy at the table sends her a friend request. Then come the random gifts of champage or hearts, followed by the  smooth one liners.. “yor hot”.

Did you ever stop and wonder just how many of those girls who play Facebook Texas Holdem Poker are actually really beautiful women? Do gorgeous women generally sit around playing Facebook Poker? It seems like all it takes to fool countless naive guys in poker is some pictures of a hot young girl and they lose all common sense. The truth is, most of the these so called super models are actually just guys desperate for Facebook Poker Chips.

When they can’t Buy Facebook Poker Chips, or find Cheats For Facebook Poker, they swallow their pride and turn to whoring themselves out in the poker tables hoping to score some Facebook Poker Chips from guys desperate enough to fall for their tricks.

None really gets hurt since the guys think they’re having a lovely conversation with a beautiful girl and the “girls” are getting Free Facebook Poker Chips. But it just goes to show you how far a pair of boobs.. or even a picture of boobs will get in you in this world.

So next time, think twice before you say HI to a “gorgeous lady” on Facebook. :)

Buy Facebook Poker Chips. Check our prices here!

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