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With the continuing rise in popularity of Facebook Poker Chips as a virtual currency in Facebook Texas Holdem Poker, it has come the unfortunate scourge of hackers, phishers, and thieves who try their best to trick unsuspecting players out of their hard earned Facebook Poker Chips. Forums all over the internet are littered with posts by people who have had their Facebook poker chips stolen. Nothing sucks quite as much as logging into Facebook or MySpace to play a few hands of poker only to find someone has already been in your account and your Facebook poker chips are gone.

Follow these tips to keeep your facebook poker chips safe:

• Never give your password to friends or family: Trust is a delicate thing that takes a long time to build but only seconds to destroy. Maybe giving your password to your girlfriend or brother to play in your account seemed like a harmless idea, but what happens when you have a disagreement or argument? What if after a war of words they decide the best way to get back at you is to log into your account and steal all your facebook poker chips?

• Be careful about what you download: Serious online gamers are always searching for cheats and hacks for the games they play in order to give them an edge. Poker is no different and there’s plenty of sites on the internet touting facebook poker cheats and hacks for those brave enough to download and install them.

Many of these so called facebook poker cheats have viruses or trojan programs to them that allow the creator to gain access to your accounts and steal your facebook poker chips. If you never downloaded any of these programs then you’re probably safe, and if you have then you should run a spyware detection program.

Buy Facebook Poker Chips | Buy Gambino Poker Chips• Make sure links you click on through Facebook and your email are from people you trust: Another popular way hackers try to gain access to players’ accounts is through what is known as phishing. They send legitimate and official looking emails to your inbox. When you open them you are asked to click on the link and login in order to save your account or win free facebook poker chips.

In reality you are logging into a fake site that sends your information off to the hacker who made it. Before you know it they’ve broken into your account and emptied it of any facebook chips you may have.

• Don’t fall for You Tube scams: If you do a search on you tube for facebook poker cheats, zynga poker hacks, or free facebook poker chips you’ll find hundreds of videos on the topic. More than 90% of them are made by idiots hoping to convince you to send them your account information. They range from slightly clever to completely moronic.

Buy Facebook Poker Chips. Check our prices here!

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