5 Reasons Beginners Lose all their Facebook Poker Chips

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Buy Facebook Poker Chips | Buy Gambino Poker Chips1)  Beginners tilt in poker very easily - As undisciplined beginners, players tend to tilt very easily every chance they get.  All it takes is a slight change of luck and a few bad beats to put us in tilt mode, as we attempt to win all our Facebook Poker Chips back in a single glorious hand. As we all know, this almost never works out.

2) Beginners tend to hope for too much – Instead of playing to win Facebook Poker Chips, we sometimes play just to get lucky. The thrill of landing the flush on the river and winning the huge pot of Facebook Poker Chips seems to outweight the thrill of playing with discipline and winning smaller pots. But going for huge pots of chips always ends the same after a certain amount of time, with zero Facebook Poker Chips. Then we beat ourselves up as if we didn’t see it coming.

3)  Beginners don’t think  enough - Sometimes all we see is a big pot of Facebook Poker Chips and all we can think about is win win win and lose all focus on the game. What about our opponents cards? What about how many outs we have or what the odds are? Should we fold or hold? As soon as we see that big pot, all logic goes out the window.

4) Beginners don’t fold enough - As beginners, we see folding a hand not simple as just folding, but rather we see it as losing the hand. Knowing when to fold is an important tool for the texas holdem poker player, not an admission of defeat. One of the biggest mistakes a beginner can make is simply just not folding enough.

5) Beginners are too focused on winning - I know this sounds ridiculous but it’s true of all beginners. They’re so busy chasing the big win that they never stop and think what might happen if they actually lose the hand. They never play defensively to ensure that they keep some Facebook Poker Chips aside to play another day. All they can think of is how great it will be when they win the huge pot, but if they don’t they’re always left wishing they had used better judgement kept some chips aside.

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