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What is multi-tabling in facebook poker? Multi-tabling is simply playing in more than one table, and usually more than 3 or 4 at the same time with the hope of winning more facebook poker chips. This is something that can only be done for online texas holdem games because obviously it wouldn’t be possible for someone to run around to more than one table playing different hands in real life.

Buy Facebook Poker Chips | Buy Gambino Poker ChipsWhat are the benefits of multi-tabling, and can you really win more facebook poker chips by doing it? Is it against the rules in facebook poker? Well there is nothing against the rules about playing in multiple tables as you are not violating any of the game makers’ Terms of Service by playing in more than one room at a time. And yes, you can win more facebook poker chips by doing it, as long as you follow a few simple pointers:

- Open a new browser for each additional room you intend to play in and re-size it so that it fits onto your screen. If you’re playing in 2 facebook poker rooms place the browsers next to each other, if you’re playing in 4 tables, place the browser windows on top of each other, just as if you were stacking 4 boxes. Never open a new table in the same browser using the “tabs” feature as this will most likely cause your browser to crash and throw you out of the table.

- Firefox handles flash better than Internet explorer does and is much more stable.  You can download Firefox direct from Mozilla.

- Close any programs that aren’t essential. Running multiple games of facebook poker in browsers can strain your computer system’s resources and if you’re chatting it up on MSN while watching clips of Girls Gone Wild on YouTube at the same time, sooner or later your computer is going to freeze up and crash and eject you from all the tables.

Buy Facebook Poker Chips | Buy Gambino Poker Chips- Forget about chatting in the chat box  It might be fun to flirt or talk to friends when you’re playing in a single room, but multi tabling takes concentration and focus. Is it worth giving up a hand of a few million facebook poker chips when the timer runs out just to tell the hot girl seated across from you that you wanna lick her face? Probably not, and “she” is probably a 45 year old man from Lebanon anyway.

The main advantage of playing in multiple tables in facebook texas holdem poker is that it allows you to see more hands than you normally would, letting you play a greater range of cards in a short amount of time. Any decent and careful player should be able to take advantage of this and use it their advantage to win more facebook poker chips. On the other hand, if you play like a drunken monkey in heat and have the concentration of a stick you may want to think about passing on multi tabling.

Buy Facebook Poker Chips. Check our prices here!

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