FAQ – Buy Facebook Poker Chips.

Questions before you Buy Facebook Poker Chips? You can find many of the frequently asked questions regarding purchasing of Facebook Poker Chips from our website. If your question is not listed, click here to contact us.

I want to Buy Facebook Poker Chips NOW! How do I pay?

There are a few payment methods that we accept. Your order will be made available to you once payment has been received.

Secure Online Credit Card - Brought to you by a worldwide recognized E-Commerce Platform to bring you a secure and hassle free online credit card transaction.

All your transactions are digitally verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode to ensure the highest level encryption and security possible for your online shopping experience.

Western Union – You can use this method to pay online (selected Countries only) or visit your local agent to make a payment. Please note there is a service charge imposed by Western Union.

How will my order be delivered to me?

Please contact us on our Live Chat once your purchase has been approved and confirmed. The instructions to receive your order will be made available to you once payment has been received.

We will NEVER ask for your account email and password and we would strongly suggest that you do not share these information with anyone else.

How soon will I be able to receive the chips after I paid?

Within minutes. Many times within seconds.

Can I pay you with my own Country’s currency?

Yes. We accept any currency, except for Secure Online Credit Card payment, where you are charged in USD.

How can I be assured that this is not a scam? I hate to look like an idiot!

We have to admit this is the most frequently asked question. To be brutally honest with you, there is absolutely no way to establish our legitimacy.

We perfectly understand the skepticism you might have about sending money for some virtual good, and also the anxiety involved after sending the money and having absolutely no control over your purchase thereafter. We would therefore like to offer you a suggestion to purchase in smaller amounts for a start.

You might have doubts in the very beginning. But you will trust us for life after the first transaction.

Do you offer extra bonus of Facebook Poker Chips for returning buyers?

Yes. Building fantastic relationships with our clients by offering the best deals is our utmost priority.

You are not online. How can I get you?

Please be assured that we will stay online as often as it’s humanely possible for us. In the event that we are offline, please leave us an offline message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Can I have some Facebook Poker Chips first before I pay?

Strictly no Facebook Poker Chips will be given before any payment is made.

Buy Facebook Poker Chips. Check our prices here!

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